UAMO was a non-profit organisation from 2007-2016. UAMO was the first Munich based institution who organised worldwide topic-based contemporary art exhibitions and a get together of all artists and works during the annual UAMO festival in Munich.

On this page you can find a documentation of all events. This documentation was made in Munich, Nov 2018.


That´s what we did:

The intention of the organisation is to support national and international artists on an interdisciplinary level.

Since the foundation in 2003, the non-profit association has been annually organising a four-day
art festival in the city of Munich. The festival’s theme to which the artists can present
their works varies each year. UAMO considers itself as a platform for artists of all kinds, and thus, since the fi rst festival in
2004 up till now, more than 300 artists from over 20 countries have presented their works.
The festival brings art and culture enthusiasts together with the artists.

The comprehensive supporting programme today includes, besides readings and evening events,
also workshops where visitors can become creatively active.
Since 2011, apart from the annual art festival in Munich, the UAMO City Tour also takes place
focusing on local artists of the respective cities.

All works shown on site can also be seen at the annual UAMO Art Festival.


Some facts about UAMO

  • total applications:
  • total number of artists participating:
  • First UAMO exhibition:
    2004 (see:
  • First UAMO city tour:
  • Cities participating at UAMO city tour:
  • Amsterdam
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Zurich
  • London
  • Cologne
  • Los Angeles
  • Helsinki
  • Salvador da Bahia
  • Seoul
  • Sofia
  • Vienna
  • Gyumri
  • Cairo
  • Valencia
  • San Francisco
  • Linz
  • Leuven
  • Accra
  • Berlin
  • Florence
  • California (Badger)
  • Ruhr Area (Dinslaken)
  • Berlin
  • Mexico City
  • Athens
  • Prague


  • All UAMO team members (in different constellations between 2007-2016):
  • Johannes Blank (Chairman)
  • Johannes Brechter
  • Hubert von Hayek
  • Lisa Graf
  • Gregor Micheler
  • Melanie Dürr
  • Dominik Sedlmayer
  • Jörg Solzbacher
  • Susanne Funck
  • Tina Hummel
  • Frauke Dräger
  • Katrina Günther
  • Anja Popovic
  • Ronit Wolf
  • Gerhard Wolf
  • Regine Thiering
  • Andreas Kopp
  • Roman Libbertz
  • Hanna Schlüter
  • Marina Widmann